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Novel Coronavirus Can’t Beat Us!

27 February , 2020
No one would’ve expected that we started the year 2020 with so many tragedies: Australian fire, locust swarm in East Africa, Volcanic eruption in the Philippines…the nearest and the most astonishing one is the Novel CoronaVirus outbreak in China!
Mass media and the internet are giving full attention to this event and reports of all kinds are catching people’s eyes. The most updated and encouraging news is that we have been keeping the record of “Confirmed Patients Zero Growth” for 6 straight days in over 17 provinces.
Zhengzhou Focus Machinery Co., Ltd.
Anyway this Virus is being controlled in China and government is encouraging companies of most fields to return to work.
In view of this situation, instead of working from home, all staff of our company has returned to office and factory yard to work in late February.
The Novel Coronavirus is just a small obstacle on our way to success, FOCUS will continue to serve our clients with high quality equipments-Build a better world is always our slogan!
Zhengzhou Focus Machinery Co., Ltd.