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Aggregate Batcher and Cement Bag Breaker Delivering

23 August , 2022

One set of PLD6400-5 aggregate batcher and ton bag breaker were being delivered at the beginning of this week.

This batcher has five aggregate storage hopper each with 28m3 volume capacity. The five weighing hoppers all have 3.2m3 volume.

 Aggregate Batcher

To ensure this huge batcher has long-time operation performance, our engineers used Toledo weighing sensors, AIRTAC cylinders and OLI vibriators. In addition to that, aluminum plastic/PU air-lines and 1cm Poly lining inside the weighbins and the holding bins are adopted.

 Ton Bag Breaker

The tonnage bag breaker can split cement bags with 1 or 2 tons capacity, breaking capacity could be up to 10-12 bags per hour. Screw conveyors and pulse dust collector are equipped for cement conveying and dust collecting.

This customized bag breaker was requested to be automatic, so accessories like electrical system, control cabinet and cement weighing system are installed in the device.