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FOCUS Barge-mounted Concrete Batching Plant

16 May , 2019
Compared with land-based concrete batching plants, plants mounted on floating pontoons are never easy.
FOCUS barge-mounted concrete batching plants, also called floating concrete batching plant, are widely used for water projects, usually for cross-lands or cross-river bridges.
Two main technical difficulties: 
1, The barge is in a fluctuating state under the action of waves and currents. The working environment of the weighing mechanism is different from that of the land mixing station, requiring a comparatively more solid foundation;
barge-mounted concrete batching plant
2, Materials are constantly increasing or decreasing, plus the hull is in a fluctuating state, so we need the accuracy of material measurement more strict.
floating concrete batching plant
With years of experience, we have overcame those technical obstacles and made our floating concrete batching plants more and more popular.