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FOCUS HZS75 Batching Plant Being Dispatched

29 April , 2021
Given the fact that COVID-19 is still wildly spreading overseas and sea transport charges are soaring up to the sky, we finished one set of HZS75 concrete batching plant and dispatched out to the client yesterday.
The original price when we talked to the client for one 40HQ container is lower than USD3,000, yet by the time when we deliver, it’s USD10,200-over USD7000 higher for one container and this set of batching plant cost us over USD21,000 extra charges for transport.
We covered almost all the extra costs because client’s LC fund is limited and we need to carry out the contract.
For those who need equipments recently, please place your orders as soon as possible because in the near future, transportation and material costs are still in rising trend.
HZS75 Concrete Batching Plant
Concrete Batching Plant