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Cement Silos and Other Consignments to the Gulf Area

01 December , 2023
Our dear clients in the Gulf Area in Middle East placed repeated orders on us in recent days.
The cement silos with thickened steel plate were equipped with load cells attached to the support legs. The load cells are connected to digital displays in the cabin, enabling the operator to monitor cement filing and discharging on daily basis.
Zhengzhou Focus Machinery Co., Ltd.
FOCUS MACHINERY provides high quality carbon steel cement silos with the capacity of 50/100/150/200/300/500/1000/1500/2000t, if you are interested in any of those powder silos, please contact us at mobile number 0086 136 7698 6531.
Zhengzhou Focus Machinery Co., Ltd.
The control cabin for concrete batching plant was a bit highly expected, as it’s supposed to have tilted large windows, sloped roof with extension as well as other unconventional requirements. Our engineer designed the cabin for ship/barge use to win the satisfaction of the client.
Zhengzhou Focus Machinery Co., Ltd.