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Concrete Mixer Pump with Diesel Engine

21 August , 2015
Combined the functions of mixing and pumping, our newly developed concrete mixer pump has been for years overwhelmingly popular among construction contractors with small projects.
One of our recent clients from Vietnam is the most loyal user of model JBT30 mixer pump.
Zhengzhou Focus Machinery Co., Ltd.
As requested by this client, we modified this pump into diesel powered, engined by DEUTZ, his favorite brand.
After 72 seconds of mixing by the mixer at the front part, ready concrete will be pumped up to 70m vertically and 300m horizontally, with the strong power of DEUTZ and of cause our up-to-date technology of oil cylinder and concrete cylinder, with the help of high pressure steel pipes.
Zhengzhou Focus Machinery Co., Ltd.
We dispatched this concrete mixing pump in the middle of August after commissioning and trail run.
Zhengzhou Focus Machinery Co., Ltd.