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Diesel Concrete Pump and Concrete Mixer Delivering

23 April , 2023
Clients from Russia have been actively purchasing from us in recent years. Just this month, we have dispatched two assignments of our equipment to Federal Russia.
trailer type concrete pumps
The first assignment is our trailer type concrete pumps with diesel engines. Equipped with BOSCH REXROTH oil pump and first-class main valve and control valve, FOCUS concrete pumps has the characters of good performance stability, wearable parts, little oil leakage and easy operation.
horizontal type concrete mixers
The second assignment is our twin-shaft horizontal type concrete mixers. This Russian client intends to adopt our concrete mixer for their slab production use. They need our mixer only but don’t have cement weighing system so we sent the weighing system together with electrical control cabinet.
FOCUS MACHINERY will further to develop the Russian market with our high quality concrete machinery in the near future.