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HZS75 Readymix Concrete Mixing Plant Delivering to Algeria

23 March , 2023

The order was confirmed about 20 days ago and as the due shipment date on March 24, 2023, we successfully loaded a whole set of HZS75 concrete mixing plant on Monday(March 20, 2023).

 Readymix Concrete Mixing Plant

This readymix concrete mixing plant consists of JS1500 twin-shaft concrete mixer, PLD2400-4 aggregate batcher with four separate weighing hoppers, two sets of 100t bolted cement silo with LSY219-9 screw cement conveyors, fully automatic computer controlled system with needle printers.

 Readymix Concrete Mixing Plant2

The reducer of the concrete mixer is planetary type, with characters as follows:

1, Large transmission speed ratio;

2, High load carrying capacity;

3, More accurate transmission;

4, High transmission efficiency.

 Readymix Concrete Mixing Plant3

FOCUS MACHINKERY provides clients from all over the world with high quality readymix concrete mixing plant with reasonable price!