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FOCUS cement bag breakers and pneumatic conveyorsc

03 February , 2019
FOCUS cement bag breaker(bale breaker) assembles functions of conveying cement bags, breaking bags, separating cement and bags, transferring bags and cement into different positions.
Zhengzhou Focus Machinery Co., Ltd.
Cement bale breaker consists of feeding belt conveyor, broken package, bag delivering device, screw conveyor, dust removal device, electrical control system, etc. It is efficient, environmentally friendly, simple operating, convenient maintaining, could be used together with cement charger(cement pumping machine).
Zhengzhou Focus Machinery Co., Ltd.
FOCUS cement pneumatic conveyor(cement horizontal feeder or cement charger) is an uniquely structured pneumatic conveying equipment, which uses fluidized pressure delivery technology. It is widely applicable in remote construction sites where bulk cement carrier(truck) is not reachable, whereas bulk cement or bag cement are muchly available.