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Horizontal Cement Feeder

Model: WG5 WG8

Power: 18.5KW

Blow-off efficiency: >1.2 t/min

Remain rate: <0.4 %

Operating pressure: 0.19 mpa

Transport distance(vertical) >50 meter

Power source 380v, 50hz, 3 phase


Why would clients use our pneumatic cement conveyor?

FOCUS pneumatic cement conveyor (cement horizontal feeder or cement charger) is an uniquely structured pneumatic conveying equipment, which uses fluidized pressure delivery technology. This pneumatic cement conveyor is widely applicable in remote construction sites (concrete batching plant) where bulk cement carrier(truck) is not reachable, whereas bulk cement or bag cement are much available.

Zhengzhou Focus Machinery Co., Ltd.


What are the main features of WG series pneumatic cement conveyors?


It is pneumatic powder conveying equipment with advanced structure, adopting fluidized pressure delivery technology and unique fluidized bed design.


Applicable to transport cement, grain, coal-ash, lime powder, barite, powder resin and other non-sticky or granular materials, high blow-off efficiency.


The discharging point is adapted for alternating with bulk cement carrier(truck carrier), main components and spare parts are interchangeable between those two kinds of equipment in a concrete mixing plant.


Large capacity, high utilization, convenient installation and operation, light and compact designed, very popular in concrete batching plants for feeding powder materials (cement, fly-ash etc.) into cement silos.


Model WG5 WG8 Unit
Tank volume 5 8
Power 18.5 18.5 Kw
Blow-off efficiency >1.2 >1.2 t/min
Remain rate <0.4 <0.4 %
Operating pressure 0.19 0.19 mpa
Rated transmission capacity 70 90 Kg/h
Transport distance(vertical) >50 >50 meter
Power source 380v, 50hz, 3 phase
Weight 1600 1800 Kg
Overall dimension(LxWxH) 2600x2000x2500 3200x2300x2630 mm
Pneumatic source (air compressor)
Compressor model WB5.4/2 WB5.4/2  
Discharge capacity 5.2 6 m³/min
Pressure rating 0.2 0.2 mpa
Air supply weight 500 500 kg
Air supply dimension(LxWxH) 1300x714x916 1300x714x916 mm
Motor Y180M-4-B3 Y180M-4-B3  
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