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New Generation of FOCUS Concrete Batching Plant

15 February , 2023
The new generation of FOCUS concrete mixing plant, with commercial concrete plant series, mixing plant series and engineering station series covered, locates at the high-end market, tailors integrated solutions, and resolves personalized problems of environmental protection, site and technology of customers, so as to fully meet the customized requirements.
To sum up, new generation of FOCUS concrete batching plant have characters as follows:
Concrete Batching Plant
Low Cost
Lower initial investment for quicker profits
Lower aggregate capacity for lower energy consumption
Lower loader fuel consumption results lower operating costs
Convenient & Fast
Modular design allows an installation time of only 4 days.
Major components can be quickly and easily relocated.
Small & Flexible
Small footprint requires less site space.
Enter and exit on both sides. Flexible layout allows setup on any site.
Stable & Reliable
6 step protection system ensures safety during operation.
Ethernet connections for fast and reliable communications
Computer controlled manufacturing process