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1000T Deck Barge

Total length: 55.0m

Overall length: 48.0m

Total width: 10.6m

Moulded depth: 3.6m

Full load displacement: 1700T

Load capacity: 1000T

Design full load draft depth: 3.0m

Rated deck load: 6T/㎡

Item Deck barge Note
Main dimensions and parameters Total length 55.0m  
Overall length 48.0m  
Total width 10.6m  
Moulded depth 3.6m  
Full load displacement 1700T  
Load capacity 1000T  
Design full load draft depth 3.0m  
Rated deck load 6T/㎡  
Design no-load draft depth 1.5m  
Transit deck length 7.0m  
Floating body materials baseboard 10mm  
Side plate 8mm  
Deck 10mm  
Main channel L6x60x440 6mm thickness steel plate is bent
Rider keel L6x75x50 Unequal angle steel
Keel spacing 60cm  
Plate material CCSA Marine board  
Propeller(2 sets) blade diameter 1500mm  
Equipped with mainframe power Manufacturer  Weichai Marine
Model X6170ZC-05
Power 300kw
Rotation speed 1000r/min
Control room Length 4.2m The upper and lower layers are designed to effectively save the usable area. Wall color is white, material is steel, door window is  aluminium alloy sliding type
Width 3.4m
Height 2.0m
Crew lounge Length 4.2m
Width 5.0m
Height 1.8m
Driving speed No-load 11 sea mile/hour  
Full load 9 sea mile/hour  
Big anchor   2pcs 1000kg
Marine positioning and communication systems  Ship radar FURUNO M 1835 1 set
High frequency intercom EHF MAINE IC-M324 1 set
Hand-held high frequency interphone IC-M23 2 sets
Anchor winch: 2 sets
Total power: 660kw
Generator set: 50kw 2 sets
Steering operating system: Hydraulic transmission
Fuel consumption of equipment(full speed): about 60L/h
Total weight: about 280 ton
Production period: 60 working days


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