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1500T Deck Barge

Total length: 61.3m

Total width: 15.0m

Moulded depth: 3.1m

Light load draft: 1.5m

Load draught: 2.5m

Rated capacity: 1500ton

No-load speed: 11Kts

Running speed loaded: 9Kts

Deck load: 6T/㎡

Equipment name Flat steel self-propelled barge   
Equipment model YS-1500    
Main dimensions Total length 61.3m  
Total width 15.0m  
Moulded depth 3.1m  
Performance  Light load draft  1.5m  
Load draught 2.5m  
Rated capacity 1500ton  
No-load speed 11Kts  
Running speed loaded 9Kts  
Deck load 6T/㎡  
Floating body materials Length 61.0m Q235 steel C 0.14~0.22% Mn 0.30~0.65 Si≤0.30 S≤0.050 P≤0.045
Width 14.8m  
Height 3.1m Anti-rust treatment, 2 layers of epoxy zinc-rich primer, 1 layer of curing agent, 1 layer of epoxy zinc-rich surface paint.
Material Side plate  8mm  
Baseboard  10mm  
Deck  12mm  
Floating body connection Field welded connection  
Control room Length 3.0m Wall color is white, control room top is white, material is steel, door window is aluminium alloy sliding door window.
Width 2.6m
Height 2.0m
Propeller(2 sets) Type SJ-1500  
Diameter of paddle 1500mm  
Matching gear box HANGZHOU Gear400  
Matched Main Machine TypeKTA19-M CUMMINS
output power  339kw
Speed 1744r/min
Big anchor Quantity 3pcs bower anchor 2pcs,stern anchor 1pcs
Anchor winch 2sets Reduction box ZQ650 electromagnetic brake, fore body 1set,stern 1 set
Electromotor 15kw  
Marine signal light Whole set    
Marine positioning and communication systems Ship radar FURUNO M 1835 1set   FURUNO
High frequency intercom EHF MAINE IC-M324 1set
Hand-held high frequency walkie-talkie IC-M23 2sets
Generator set  50kw    
Fire extinguisher  Dry powder extinguisher  5sets  
Gross weight of equipment  About 410 ton    
Equipped with total power 710kw    
Equipment oil consumption Full speed About 68 liters per hour  
Delivery time 80 working days after receiving 30% downpayment
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