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100T Power Barge

Overall length: 24.5m

Overall width: 6.3m

Depth: 2.0m

Deck length: 4.5m

Full load draught: 120cm

Designed displacement: 240t

Rated deck load: 6T/㎡

Rated load: 100T

Item Self-propelled deck barge note
Main dimensions
and parameters 
Overall length 24.5m  
Overall width 6.3m  
Depth 2.0m  
Deck length 4.5m  
Full load draught 120cm  
Designed displacement 240t  
Rated deck load 6T/㎡  
Rated load 100T  
Pontoon Length 20.0m  
Width 6.3m  
Depth 2.0m  
Side plate thickness 6mm Surface sand blasting, spraying 4 layers of special marine epoxy zinc-rich paint
Bottom plate thickness 8mm
Deck thickness 10mm
Plate material CCSA Marine board
Propeller(2 sets) Paddle diameter 700mm  
Motor Manufacturer  Weichai Marine
Model TD226B
Power 50kw
Rotation speed 1500r/min
Speed Full load 8-10 Knots  
Engine 22.5kw 1 set  
Strong anchor   1 set  
Windlass   1 set Electromagnetic brake
Closed-type cab   1 set  
Marine lighting, signal system   1 set  
Sideboard rails & fence Dismantle type 1 set  
Steering operation system Hydraulic steering 1 set  
Total weight App. 55T    
Matched power 100KW    


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