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YHZS100 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Control system: Auto computer control, 1 set


Electrical components: Relays, contactors, etc. SCHNEIDER make

Control console: Buttons, lamps, indicators, etc.

Air conditioner: 1 unit, GELI brand

Printer: 1 unit, EPSON or equivalent

Computer with control software: 1 unit

The Features of YHZS100 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant:
Absorbing technologies from different countries, FOCUS MACHINERY presents the world one and only YHZS100 mobile type concrete mixing plant.
SICOMA concrete mixer is adopted, the lubrication system of which adopts advanced centralized oil lubricating system, convenient for oil supplying. This system is equipped with over-votage warning and low oil level warning, safe and reliable.
Although this plant has the impressive output capacity of 100m3 per hour, it still has the characters as all other mobile plants:
YHZS100 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Fast disassembly and assembly, convenient movement

Except for external equipment such as screw conveyors and cement silos, all the wiring of the mixing station does not need to be disassembled, and only a 30-ton crane is required to disassemble and shift in one day. During installation, if the ground is flat and solid, no foundation is needed, and production can be done on the same day, which is very suitable for units with tight schedules. The station is equipped with tires and towing pins, alowing a maximumspeed of 60 kmh when towed by a trailer. The total weight of all equipment in the mixing station is 23.5 tons, and all accessories are removed at one time with the station.

Excellent mixing performance

Using a forced twin-shaft mixer, the shortest mixing time can be used to achieve uniform mixing. For dry hard, semi-dry hard, plastic and various proportions of concrete can complete good mixing.

High-end configuration, high reliability, accurate measurement and convenient operation

The main electrical components of the mixer, the metering sensor, and the control system are all impoted components, which not only greatly reduces the failure rate of the equipment, but also improves the metering accuracy of the equipment. The whole machine adopts computer control, which can be operated automatically or manually. The operation is simple and easy to master



Model YHZS100
Output capacity 100³/h
Overall power 140kw
Discharge height 3800mm
Max. hauling speed 40km/h
Warranty 13months after commissioning
After-sale service Guidance on erecting, commissioning and operator training, 24/7 technical assistance afterwards
Concrete mixer JS2000
Mixing circle 60s
Discharge volume 2000L
Max. aggregate dia. 80mm
Aggregate batcher PLD3200
Storage hopper 2, 3 or 4 sorts
Weighing hopper 3200L
Aggregate weighing precision ±2%
Aggregate feeder Belt conveyor
Cement ±1%
Water ±1%
Additive ±1%
Control system Auto computer control, 1 set
Electrical components Relays, contactors, etc. SCHNEIDER make
Control console Buttons, lamps, indicators, etc.
Air conditioner 1 unit, GELI brand
Printer 1 unit, EPSON or equivalent
Computer with control software 1 unit
Uninterrupted Power Supply 1 unit
Pneumatic system 1 set
Air-compressor 0.6MPA
Triplet(oil-water separator) 1 set with a back-up spare
Solenoid valve 1 set with multiple contactor coils
Documentation 1 set
Spare parts included
Operation guide included
Maintenance brochure included
Electrical diagram/circuit included


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