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20T Marine Tug Boat

Overall length: 18m

Total width: 6.3m

Moulded depth: 2.0m

Marine lighting signal system: one full set

Marine horn / alarm system: one full set

Bollar pull: 20T

Endurance: 50 hours

Item Tug Boat Note
Main dimensions  Overall length 18m  
Total width 6.3m  
Moulded depth 2.0m  
Steel thickness and quality Side plate 6mm Surface blasting and rust removal, spraying three layers of epoxy zinc-rich marine special primer, a layer of epoxy zinc-rich marine special topcoat. Zinc plate sacrificial anode anti-rust is set at key parts.
bottom plate 6mm
deck plate 5mm
Plate material CCSA/B Marine board
Propeller(2 sets) Type Marine  
Engine Manufacturer  CUMMINS
Model NTA855-M350
Power 237kwX2
Rotation speed 1800r/min
Generator Origin Shanghai  
Output capacity 20kw  
Marine positioning, communication system Marine radar FURUNO M 1835 1 set
High frequency intercom EHFMAINE IC-M324 1 set
Handheld high frequency walkie talkie IC-M23 2 pcs
Marine lighting signal system: one full set;
Marine horn / alarm system : one full set;
Bollar pull: 20T;
Endurance: 50 hours;


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