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SWQ-450 Cutter Suction Dredger

Structure type: Assembled

Digging deep: 2-15meters

Row spacing: 500-1500meters

Yield: 700cubic meters / hour

Mud pump flow: 3,500cubic meters / hour

Monitor rate: 1000kW


The equipment is fully hydraulically driven and twisted, suitable for dredging operations in rivers, lakes and reservoirs. The entire equipment is assembled and can be transported by land when the equipment is transferred over long distances or when it is not connected to the waters. When passing through a height-limiting place such as a bridge, the cab or the like can be separately disassembled.

Zhengzhou Focus Machinery Co., Ltd.

Hull size Captain 23.50 m Customized products according to customer requirements
Boat width 7.40 m
Deep 2.40 m
Structure type Assembled
Digging deep 2-15meters
Row spacing 500-1500meters
Yield 700cubic meters / hour
Mud pump flow 3,500cubic meters / hour
Monitor rate 1000kW
Auxiliary machine power 330kW
Hydraulic winch tension 100kN
Hydraulic cutter power 170kW
Tail pile cylinder diameter 160mm
Emergency generator set power 30kW
Fuel consumption 266kg / hour
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